Viljandi State High School combines all high schools in Viljandi. It is located in the extension to the historic Valuoja School, being notably larger than the heritage-listed existing building. The solution is based on the characteristic Viljandi topography and landscape: the new building is placed between the hills along the bank of the pond, at the same time providing a perfect East-West orientation for the school.

Viewed from afar and above the historic building looks vertically dominating, while approached from the base of the valley on the plot the new horizontally directed waterside extension is outlined forcefully, with its presence felt over the entire plot. The spatial emphasis depends on the location of the viewer.

All recreational and sports facilities have been pooled in the lakeside green area. The waterfront scenery reaches into the interiors, linking the public functions of the school (library, cafeteria, recreational area, open lecture rooms) and forming a spacious and well lit common space combining all classrooms, lecture halls and other more enclosed rooms in the school.

By combining rooms that can be placed in an open space this creates a large common spatial entity that promotes joint activities and provides an overall view of the entire public space