The purpose of the detailed plan is to accentuate the historical scale of the bastion and creating a contemporary, varied and pedestrian-friendly public space on and around it. On the base of the one-time moat, a pedestrian street with plaza-like expansions has been planned, which will bring out the bastion in its initial height. The building front, opening towards the pedestrian street, isolates it from the planned noisy traffic lane Põhjaväil. All new structures have been hidden into present and planned volumes of landscape architecture – from one side into the body of bastion, from the other side into the ground sloping towards the Põhja Boulevard. The Rannavärava Street will be closed, a smaller part of it towards the Paks Margareeta tower will be built up, thus creating a pedestrian shortcut from the Old Town to the top of the bastion. Skoone bastion will again become part of the Old Town.