The Riga State Art Museum needed a new exposition hall and better conditions for the researchers and archive. The extension to be built for European Capital of Culture in 2014 should activate local art scene in general. The design refrains from competing with the historical volume, focusing rather on activating the park area, conceptualized as round-the-clock outdoor exposition and recreation grounds, refreshing the museum’s imagological side as well as functional one. The conception is based on the history of the park and the new volume follows a row of old trees. The extension houses exposition hall for temporary exhibitions, museum shop, café, and children’s playground; all public functions open directly towards park, onto the newly formed art square. The square is also usable as outdoor arena. The solution relates delicately with all the different historical layers of the park. The building, partly underground, conforms to the idea of passive house. The requested conference room is located in the cupola of the historic building; historic main entrance has also been retained.