Pärnu Environmental Education Centre has been designed to be a green oasis in the middle of its surrounding eclectic urban environment. The solution covers both the building and the garden as a combined unit.

Structurally the entire building is based on maximum openness and fluidity of the space. The public area is completely intertwined with the exposition and the winter garden. The greenhouse solution is designed to link them visually with the winter garden. At the same time the greenhouse front on the southern side of the building creates a buffer zone to stabilize the indoor climate. The character of the indoor space is a combination of a representation of the natural environment and a laboratory. The organic public space is not so much based on classic user convenience, but rather aims at generating unexpected spatial situations similar to the natural environment. A planetarium is ‘hovering’ in the middle of the atrium.

The orientation of the building, its open inner structure and partially underground location are due to energy efficiency considerations. This is also supported by the structural choices and the technical solutions for the indoor climate.