The apartment buildings have been created with the aim of maximum differentiation from the dense urban housing area and to enhance and utilise as much as possible the specific characteristics of the site and its environmental properties both in the layout of the flats and the usage of the lot.
The structural volume is divided into three buildings that have been scattered over the site as widely as possible, avoiding the formation of any long unified blockfronts that wouldn’t be characteristic to the area, to create a varied environment hidden in greenery, organically blended to its surrounding housing landscape.

The apartment building is composed of three wings fanning out from a central stairwell, with one apartment in each wing. This type of building combines the best features of apartment buildings and detached homes. This way all apartments have views in three directions that allow both a view to the Pirita River valley in the north and sunlight with a southern view to the backyard.

The road leading to the houses runs along the slope at the northern edge of the lot, thus leaving the southern landscaped yard area free of traffic and keeping it in as natural state as possible, ensuring the privacy of the yard section that has the best sun exposure. This kind of solution also ensures safe access to the yard and eliminates any need to cross the road. The location of the road along the property line is also based on the building exclusion zone next to neighbouring lots. The access road has been placed on a level lower than the yard area and thereby it does not block the view from the apartments.

The architectural solution of the houses makes it possible to turn the apartments so that no apartments are directly facing each other. The angled solution creates spatially interesting longer views along the area between the buildings, according to the purpose of the interior spaces, sunlight and viewing directions.